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Slept great last night-- it cooled off. In 10 years I have never lost my MetroCard for the Subway.........until yesterday. I think it fell out of my pocket when I pulled my camera out last night. Hope someone finds it and uses it. Anyway bought a new one this morning and keep it in a different pocket.
One of the things I love about New York is how it let's you think you have
control of your life and then it slips in and changes it .....
Today we were just going to spend the day in the Park and take it easy. And then New York said "I have a little something additional planned for you"
Coming up the escalator at Columbus Circle I remembered an article I had read a year or so ago about the Huntington Building. It was being turned into some kind of a museum which was what Huntington Hartford always wanted it to be for his art collection. It was referred to as "The Lollipop Building" because of the stick/circle design that circled the bottom of the building.
Huntington Hartford managed to spend/lose/squander an entire fortune.
So instead of taking a left we took a right and there it was---right in front of us.
Decided we'd fork out the $12.00 admission because how bad could it be----really.
Not particularly their permanent collection but the current exhibit called "Dead or Alive". I know this is the title because it's on the $39.00 book I bought.
I tried to enlarge photo's for this post but couldn't-- so just go to the link and see for yourself. It's amazing.
"Dead or Alive" exhibit.

I did manage to get this one photo of a silk cocoon hanging lamp
before the guard jumped down my neck for taking pictures.

In the lobby to the museum is a framed statement ....

"Kipple" is a word that was coined by writer Phillip K. Dick to describe useless, discarded objects that seem to accumulate around us as if they were self-replicating."
Dad called me over to read it and proudly announced that he had just
discovered that he was a "kippler" not a picker.

After about 2 hours we crossed over to the entrance to the Park. Ate the traditional hot dog and Dad had hot peanuts and we sat at the Merry-go-round and watched people for awhile. On to the Dairy to see if they had anything new in stock that I didn't have. Ended up buying a new map because I left the one I brought at the apartment.
Headed down the mall and a man was making huge bubbles with 2 sticks
with short strings attached

My favorite Central Park performers are "The Blue Vipers from Brooklyn"
but a very close second is "The Afro-bats". We've seen them about 6 times over the years and they just get better.

There was music coming from behind the bandstand so
we walked around to see what was going on. Came to a gate but the
nice man told us it was the VIP entrance. I told him I was a friend of
Jon Stewart's and he told me to show him my name on the list. I smiled and said "I'm not getting any younger and you want me to walk 500 more steps
to go in another entrance". He motioned Dad over and let us in.
We had lucked into the final Summer Stage production.
"Black Sea Roma Festival" A Celebration of Gypsy Music from Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Bulgaria.
Is America a great place or what. France is exporting all of their Gypsy's back to Eastern Europe and we're giving them a party. And it was a good one.

This young girl was teaching gypsy dancing and she had a huge crowd participating with her.

This cute man was really getting into the music.

This girl could do magic with her hands and feet.

The man in the middle with his back to us arrives in an Armani suit
with his friend who is carrying a little shopping bag with "The Harvard
Club of New York" printed on the side. They looked like they were
at the wroooong party.

I watched the "man with the blond ponytail" come down out of the bleachers by me. He worried me. He walked like he had been breaking wild horses all his life. Kinda bent over and not sure if his knee's were going to bend. 10 minutes later I noticed a large circle of people had spontaneously formed down the "turf" a piece so I walked down to take a picture of them dancing. You guessed it,
there is my stoved up cowboy having a great time and he was dancing just fine thank you.

A lady came over and sat on the bleachers next to me. She had Fries. They smelled so good. She said they were. I ask her if I could take a picture
of them. When I ask if I could take a "little" smell of them she got up
and went to sit with a friend. It's amazing how low you can sink on 500 calories a day.

This little boy wanted his teenage sister to dance with him and she wouldn't.
He was into the music with all his heart.

Stopped at the boathouse-- I got some fruit and Dad got a bagel. I choose
a nice table under the trees where it was quiet. That was when the 2 young 20 something girls started talking very loudly about "living and drinking in the city". While they were lighting up our lunch one got a phone call from her Daddy and proceed to tell him how drunk she was last night and that's why she couldn't call home and let them know she was alright. Before she took the phone call she and the friend were belaboring the fact that they don't understand why Mummy and Daddy keep checking up on them. Don't they know they'll be just fine on their own.

George Stephanopoulos reading the Sunday Times. He had his dog with him and looked like he cared if we noticed him, so we didn't make a fuss. I'm doing so much better with celebrities since my first trip when I accosted Steve Forbes and made him take a picture with me.

Thought this was a fun photo. They did take the ride.

It's not really crashing the wedding if you don't go in a get a plate of food.

Three adorable girls from Russia in the Ramble.

It must be great to be a small child and live in NYC.

The Gill
And now for a bit of new trivia. Identification plates on many Park lampposts serve as orientation tools. The first two numbers indicate nearest cross streets (outside the park) and the last two numbers, if even, indicate that the area is closer toward the east side (Fifth Avenue) and, if the numbers are odd, the area is closer toward the west side (Central Park West).

What do you know. We came out at 81st Street on Central Park West.
It works.

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