Saturday, July 5, 2008


When the 4th of July is on a weekend our tiny mountain town of about 5,000 swells to 70,000 for the celebration. Grand Lake has a reputation of having one of the best fireworks displays in the state.
Volunteers collect for about 3 weeks from willing citizens and visitors
The Fire Department and Police Dept. are ready.
Stores and flower boxes are gussied up.

Prime Fireworks Watching spots are taken

The Fireworks crew and Barges are ready to go.

And Red, White and Blue are everywhere


Our word today on Saturday Photo Hunt is "Pointed".
Great subject for a tasty treat on the boardwalk at Grand Lake. We always have ice cream at the same shop .
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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Our wonderful pioneer museum hosts a different collection for a month each year. One year it was old Wedding Dresses. One year it was the doll collection that Rosemary Kauffman left to the museum. Last year it was quilts and this year when I went in for Docent duties last week they were setting up a great Vintage Apron Display.

I actually had this pattern as a young bride.

To greet you as you enter

Vintage Tablecloths

If you "served" at a wedding in the 40's, 50's and part of the 60's you wore one of these.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What Your Front Door Says
You are intriguing and charming.
People are naturally drawn to you, even if they don't know you.
You are calm and wise. You are a true leader.
You never feel isolated in a group. Somehow, you always belong.">
Your Slogan Should Be

Judy. Champagne for the Brain.

I have a hint for the second test. You can keep deleting and re-entering your name until you get a slogan that you really like. Sorry, I don't normally cheat on tests.

Monday, June 30, 2008


This is our wonderful town library. When our children got their first library cards in Grand Lake, the library was located on the same spot. But it was in an old two story building that housed our one used fire engine and volunteer fire force. The library was upstairs in two small rooms. Winters were long and the towns people needed a library. Library cards were small home made cards and all the books were donated. Mostly paperbacks. Then the Library moved to the other end of the town park when a new fire station was built in the 80's. Then 3 years ago the fire station got a beautiful new building on the edge of town and the library came back to their old spot--with a beautiful new building. There are 500 year round residents and about 5000 + with the summer residents. This library has more services than the metro library in the other town where I live. It is a joy to spend time there. Thanks to Sue and the people that work there and make it so enjoyable.

The Reading Area. There is usually a fire in the fireplace

Laptop Computer Highspeed Internet Stations

The Library also has 8 desktop computer stations for patrons to


Children's Section-- They have great summer reading programs and weekly activities for the children in town. Everyone welcome. There are large window seats beneath all the windows. People love to curl up in the windows and read.

Children can check out Toys and Games as well as books

Can you tell I love the Childrens Area

Wall Hanging made from Lewis Heckert colorful ties. Lewis was an old time resident of Grand Lake and one-time mayor. He was attacked by a rogue moose one Sunday in March 2006 while walking to church. He appeared to be recovering when he suddenly passed away. There is a memorial video on YouTube honoring Lewis.