Friday, October 24, 2008


Subway to Lower East Side Tenement Museum (one of my all time favorites) and walked around the Lower East Side.

Toured the Eldridge Street Synagogue again and had a different guide who was as good as the one last week.

Lunch at the corner deli and bought some pickles from Guss' Pickles--

headed home and started to pack.

We leave tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Paul Newman died today--just needed to say that.
Got up late but decided to try and make it to church- decided we couldn't make it-- then decided we better try. I missed the address by 1/2 block but saw a cute family all dressed up and followed them right into the building.

Lunch at "LePain Quotidien" a communal dining restaurant-- very good food but a little pricey.

Horse Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History

We're off to Central Park. Because of the off and on rain the park was very low key today--didn't have as much going on as usual. But there was an incredibly gifted family singing

in the restored walk-under at the Bethesda Fountain

Checked out the Ramble

and a Wedding
and the Children's Zoo.

Home to play Rummykube again.

Monday, October 20, 2008


We're leaving the house later and later because we say up late playing Rummykube. Hit the Farmers Market at Abington Park and then Elixar again for a smoothie and great oatmeal cookie for breakfast. Headed for Battery Park and Ellis Island. I've never used the audio guided tour and Franki recommended it so we did and it was great. Ate lunch there and when they closed the fudge stand early we threw ourselves in front of the storage cart and they relented and opened it back up and gave us our fudge. It is so good.
It was late when we returned to Battery Park and getting dark so we took a taxi the short distance to the Irish Famine Memorial and with the mist, and fog it was beautiful.
Ran into the Amish Market on the way to the subway. Fun store.
Got on the express subway instead of the local and missed our stop--not once but twice. Finally got home and crashed.