Friday, July 3, 2009


Church, home to change clothes and catch the subway to Times Square.
K. looks pretty good considering she just bought $1500.00 worth of
"Jersey Boys" tickets for their N.Y. trip with 5 other couples in the fall.
Into the Park

Is this like "having a paper route" in our neighbourhood.
Israeli Day Parade.
I have never seen so much security in my life.
Police in cars, police on horseback
very large dumptrucks filled with sand
parked in front of the entrance to 5th Avenue.

Hit the Met for a fast look-see and after seeing the line
in the ladies bathroom we tracked down the disabled ladies room
and made G. pretend she was limping.
Thanks Mrs. Davey.


My heart is broken because the opening of the Highline is after we leave. I have

been a supporter, o.k. a supporter at the lowest member level, for the past 5 years

it has been in process. At the other end of the spectrum is the lady that

spontaneously matched a 10 million donation given by Diane and Barry at a

party last weekend. You go nice Lady.
It was further along this week than last. The barricades
were down and it looked wonderful.

A morning walk along the Hudson before T. leaves and
wandered back up Morton St. to Waverly and back to
Jane St. for the street fair where K. bought a killer lime green

A quick stop at the English Everything Shop around the corner

so T. could pick up some Bird's Custard which makes
wonderful trifle.
T. is off the the airport and we take the bus to 5th and

then up to 53rd and walk to Lexington. Behold- a wonderful

park that I didn't know about. Paley Park, a privately

owned park in the middle of Manhattan built on the former site of the Stork Club.

Waterfalls, food

tables and more waterfalls. We had just eaten or we

would have had lunch there. That didn't stop us from

munching "many" of the samples that the cute little gal

from next door was handing out.

Then up to the Cloisters for a great medieval afternoon.

Not a bad step day---14,463

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


T. got a phone call this morning that a good friend has passed away
so she has made arrangements to return home tomorrow.
We headed for Bryant Park to eat lunch and listen to Diana W. on the Piano

Such a great New York photo but I'm never standing in line for 4 hours
to go to the top again. Take "Top of the Rock" anytime.

Bryant Library-- beautiful.

Folk Art Museum for the Quilters in the group and the exhibit
by the demented janitor from Chicago hadn't improved any since
last week.
Morgan Library next for K. & T. who hadn't seen the library and
then first aid to a cute little retired "Upper East Side retired Dr." who
we were hoping would ask our names and remember us in his will.
Walked to 5th Avenue and caught the bus to 14th street and then
discovered the bus to Abington Sq. which drops us off at the apartment.
This New York soul almost made us miss our bus.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Our first stop Thursday morning was one of the best kept secrets

in Manhattan.

Teardrop Park in Battery Park City.

And it has killer bathrooms. While we were there a taxi pulled up the driver

jumped out and ran in the bathroom and then back out and drove off.

Children's play area

Ice Wall

Boggy Marsh area with fun path through it.

Irish Hunger Memorial for the second time this trip.

I never seem to get tired of it.

Good Friends

Trinity Church graveyard. The first time I visited Trinity

I wondered how they held onto this prime piece of property

facing Wall Street. I pictured them fighting off the "Big Guys"

to stay on their little spot. Sure. Then I discovered that the

Episcopal Church is the largest landowner on the island of Manhattan.

I stopped feeling sorry for them.

We walked back around the corner to the 9/11 Museum which

has been open 3 years but we hadn't run on to it before.

It is very well done and we appreciated the box's of kleenex that

were handy. I would recommended it even at $10.00 a pop.

The memorial is starting to rise out of the hole.

Most were so young.

We next caught a cab to Seaport where we had lunch

and T. bought a ticket for Mary Stuart for tonight.

T. headed back to the apartment and the rest of us

launched in the direction of the Brooklyn Bridge. O.K.

we only went to the first arch but it's good views and we

had a lot of area to cover.

The horrid trek through Chinatown but you have to do

it to get to the Lower East Side which is one of my favorite


Eldridge Street Synagogue again for a tour and then to

Lower East Side Museum for a tour of the Moore's apartment.

I decided it is my least favorite apartment. I'll do a different

one next year.

Jersey Boys tonight and Mary Stuart for T. Met up later for the ride home.
Such a good evening.

Heavy traffic day---20,726 steps