Saturday, June 5, 2010


I knew Orem had a small museum in the Scera Theatre and finally
found time this spring to make a quick stop there. Ended up spending
1 1/2 hours.
Old projector from theatre.

One of the old "loveseats" from the Scera. It was big enough
for two people to sit in. The stool doesn't go with it. I got my
first kiss in the Scera theatre in one of these seats.

Diaorama of the Prisoner of War Camp that was located on Stratton's Farm. I've had
a hard time locating people who remember it. My grandfather talks in his WWII letters
to my dad about having to hire the prisoners because help was so scarce and both
his sons were in the war. My aunt is 80 now and we have photo's of her driving
a tractor in the orchard when she was 14.

Great antiques

I spent many an hour at an "Iron-rite". One of my jobs was keeping 4 brothers shirts
and pants ironed.
Love the old movie magazines

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Lets see, an old set of train tracks and some cotton candy
a new Mercedes...............
I'll take the train tracks.
Maybe I can talk Grandpa and Grandma into putting some in the backyard for me.

First time Mom and I have tasted Cotton Candy. Won't be the last.


What a wonderful and fun filled day this has been so far. Didn't go to bed until 3 last night and DH started bugging me at 10:30 this morning to "get up". Son called yesterday to tell me that I had received a "jury duty" letter. Gave me the information I needed and so hubby and I are now in the library where I can "fill out my jury questionnaire" online. Except, get this-- the website won't allow me to fill out my questionnaire if I have Vista or Windows 7 because their system isn't updated yet. Hello-- how long has Vista been out. Sure enough, I can't get to the form on either mine (Vista) or hubby's (W7) computer. So I slip right over to one of the library's permanent computers knowing that they are probably still operating Windows 98 and you guessed it--- they recently updated to Windows 7. The tiny library in the tiny town of Grand Lake, Colorado has a more updated computer system than the State of Utah's Court System. Son, I hope you put that letter in the mail this morning because I'm going to have to do this by snail mail. I could be arrested for non-compliance before I actually get the stupid form filled out. I'm pretty sure from the recording I got on the website that I can postpone it because I'm living out of the State. I really wouldn't mind serving since I've never been called to jury duty before but I want it to work the same as a mission call. I want to go where I want to go and when I want to go. Wish me luck. Mom

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Luke's Hot Pots
A part of my youth. During my teenage years a friend's parents

purchased the small resort. It was considered an inexpensive substitute for the Homestead

a short distance away. They were both based on their natural mineral hot pools. It's interesting because another good friend's family owned the Homestead. But we usually went to Luke's because we could goof-off there and the Homestead allowed no goofing off.
Stephen King could write a book here.

Old 6 room lava rock Hotel.

Wallpaper in the rooms
is in remarkably good condition.

A dry "hot pot" dome.

Entrance cut into dry dome. This is and has been party central.

Outdoor Dining Room

In the 40's and 50's many movie stars stayed here. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were regular guests and Virginia Mayo and her husband were good friends of the owners. It was so popular that they sometimes had to put a notice that the facility was closed to the "locals" on specific dates because they were full. They could accomodate about 240 in the dining room.

Old Majestic Stove with cooking shed on the ground around it.

Dining Room with small
entertainment stage at end.

Kitchen-- Very Stephen King. Something smells really, really bad in the
near vicinity. It's got to be a large animal or ???? Won't look for it right now.

Thought maybe the smell was coming from the large refrigerator or
smaller ice cream dispenser but no-- that wasn't the problem.
Turned around to walk past some cabinets and almost stepped on a
very dead deer carcass. I'll forego showing you the photo.

Dry Pool Cavern

Old Limestone rock water fountain

Old outdoor pool where good times were had many years ago.

Old indoor pool-- same good times.
Piped water from the thermal pools filled both pools. The indoor pool still has water in the bottom of it.

Small algae covered hot springs bubbling out of the ground and running down the
hill in three little streams. Put my finger in it and it is a comfortable warm temperature.

The water caused the little stream bed
in the limestone.
There were many of these small dry
stream beds.

Full Hot Pots with wire barriers around them.

Many small craters
on the property like this.