Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Got a late start today. Brunch in Bryant Park.

I may be getting too old for this. I'm go'in through

Motrin like crazy.

I did not eat half of this.

This is the Bryant Park's Outdoor Library for

Children. The children can read the books for as

long as they are in the area.
There is an Adult Outdoor Library on the other
side of the park.

More Park

Art Class doing their thing.

Dad read an article a couple of months ago that said
Bryant Park's bathroom were 2nd on the list of "Best Bathrooms
in the United States". Grand America was 3rd. The fresh flowers
in this foyer are changed daily.

This is a huge inflatable RAT and it was outside of the Chase
Bank branch for this block. In Manhattan, Chase Branch's are

as plentiful as Starbucks. I have no idea what it was promoting or

if someone was upset at the bank.

Two great buildings-- Grand Central and Chrysler Building.

Walgreen's bought all of the Duane Reade Stores in Manhattan.
They are an institution and people don't want the name changed.

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
or as I prefer to call it--
Andrew Carnegie's Home
Dad had made an appointment to do research on some Sinclair logo's
from the 50's. The Cooper-Hewitt had the designer's papers and archives.

I was more interested in the history if the house and the gardens.
They had several folders for Dad to go through so I walked a block to
the Jewish Museum that I haven't seen yet.

Carnegie Gardens

Well I'm not going to see the Jewish Museum today either. It's closed on Wednesday and for the next two days for Jewish Holidays. That's the

bad news but the book store was open-- good news. I did not eat

this cookie and I did not buy this bag of books.

Dad spent about 2 hours in the library and I read in the Garden.

Then across the street and into the Park. I have never seen the Jackie K. Onassis Reservoir. It's beautiful.

Obelisk in back of The Metropolitan Museum

Friedman Playground near 5th Avenue Exit from Park.

Caught a bus but it was so slow we got off at Rockefeller Center to

grab the V Subway. Headed for the Subway.........

Wait--- it's LEGO HEAVEN. Bins of different colored LEGO's. From
floor to ceiling.

We're Walk'n, walk'n, walk'n.......
I'm just a little lost but wait, I see a sign that says "Subway" and down
the stairs we go. I was just up 1 floor.

O.K. This is more like it. But can't find the "V" line.

"Oh well, we'll just jump on an express going downtown. Everything

stops at 14th street which is O.K., even though we wanted to get off at

23rd." We need the extra steps on the pedometer.

"What ........why did this express just blow past 14th street.
We do not want to be on West 4th"
O.K. we can do this. Up the steps and over to the other side and

down the steps. Repeat after me "Only get on the local".
Yes, we made it. Off on 6th and 23. When we're good, we're good.

Shop'in, shop'in shop'in

More shop'in............

We're headed for a place called " Limelight Marketplace".

It's a very old church turned into a very upscale boutique-mall.
The minute we stepped in the door I knew 3 things. 1. Nothing in this
place would be my size. 2. We could afford nothing in this place.
3. We would not want to be able to afford anything in this place.
I read my article further after getting home and discovered this place

hasn't been a church for many years. Before this reincarnation it was

a infamous New York nightclub.

This is the 10th Precenct on 20th Street of the New York Police Department.

We stopped in and ask a nice Sargent Petrossoki if he had any freebee's for
a 2 1/2 year old little boy that could sing all the words to "Bad Boys, Bad Boys" and really liked policemen.
They gave us a badge and a pencil.

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