Wednesday, February 20, 2008





Check out the 4 1/2 inch heels on the nice lady. And we saw her several times during the day.

You'll always be our little boy


One of our favorite places--- THE TIDE POOLS

Point Loma Lighthouse

Actually got on the Internet to see how much one of these cost. They don't sell them to the public. For rude!


See Wendell and Judy be Married 44 years today.

See Wendell and Judy return documentary DVD's to library
See Wendell and Judy go to Target

See Wendell and Judy's celebration treats
See Wendell and Judy watch a movie at home

hope the cloud cover lifts and rain stops so we
can watch the Eclipse.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Just getting around to reading my Sunday New York Times. Good Hubby just picked up the phone a couple of months ago and has it delivered on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Some fun things in it today. An article about the Guggenheim and the new exhibit of 99 wolves, in the shape of a rainbow. Looks big but I can't tell if they are stuffed or sculptured. I vote for stuffed. I'll do some more checking. I hope they put them next to the 20x20 foot canvas with a gazillion flies on it. This is one of Glenna's favorite museums.

After further study I learned the wolves are made out of paper-mache, plaster, fiberglass, resin and painted hide. If you say so but they sure look furry to me.

The Modern Love Essay was on a Democrat married to a Republican. Hmmm
sounds vaguely familiar.

My favorite was a huge story on Sandra Boynton and her books and c.d. I'll be visiting Amazon as soon as I wrap this up to order a couple of them. She is a very neat lady.
Another one on the "new" condo-owner occupants of the restored Plaza Hotel and how lonely they are because so many of the owners own 5 or 6 homes and aren't there very often. I couldn't tell if I was suppose to feel sorry for them or not.

A good one on "EcoMoms" and last but not least, one about art theft and how dumb the thieves are because it's so hard to sell after they steal it. Sounded like they thought they might shame them into returning it.

I often email copies of the articles to a couple of friends. If you would like to be on the list just let me know.
I'm trying to paste a YouTube video at the top of this post and if I actually accomplish it, all the credit goes to Andi who walked me through it. Thanks ANDI.


My brother Stan and his beautiful wife Jacque, and handsome son Shayne and his gorgeous wife Kelli and two incredibly beautiful and gifted daughters, Kylee and Sydnie are visiting for a few days. They did Legoland on Saturday and Sunday we went to the San Diego Harbor to see the ships. My brother is a ship nut so we did the Maritime Museum (5 cool boats). The men and Kylee did the Midway (which Stan loved) and Kylee managed all the ladders and walking just fine thank you. Jacque and Kelli and Sydnie and I headed for Seaport Village. We rarely go there on weekends and we didn't know what we were missing. There were kiteflying demo's, a bunch of live parrots and alot of people. I got my first henna tattoo, which was a little bigger than I wanted and turned out a light orange instead of black . But I can cross another thing off my list of "Things to do before I die". The list is getting short-- I need to add more things to it.
Some very drunk? AARP members dancing around the bandstand kept a large number of people entertained.

Nanny McFee was very big at the condo this weekend.


Have we stockpiled the nacho's, dip, and drinks for this Sunday. No, this posting is not late for the Superbowl (which we don't celebrate unless Denver is playing)--
it's for this Sunday night and the Academy Awards.
I am such a movie fan especially of the 40's 50's. It starts to selectively thin out after I married and had less time but I still love movies and never miss the Awards. This is the 80th year of the Awards but the first one televised was 1953 and Bob Hope was the M.C. Drum roll please--- the winner for Best Picture that year was "The Greatest Show on Earth". Cecil B. DeMille had directed so many bibical movies, some since the early 20's but wouldn't you know it, he won his only directing Oscar for a Circus Movie.
In the mid 80's when downtown Salt Lake was well into it's dying mode, the last single large theatre, "The Centre Theatre" on 3rd South and State announced it's closing. They were having a closing ceremony and were showing "The Greatest Show on Earth". Wendell was out of town on a business trip and so I got all dressed up and went down to pay homage. The balcony was roped off and everyone was suppose to sit on the main level. I got my apple juice (in an embossed champagne glass) and took a quick look around and slipped under the rope and up the stairs. I sat center, front row in the empty balcony and reminisced about how bad I wanted to be Betty Hutton when I was 10 years old. I still have the commorative glass's from that night. Just a note to our kids-- don't throw them away, if you don't want them, put'em on eBay.