Saturday, September 25, 2010


Will I never learn. More is not necessarily better. We took the red eye Jet Blue flight last night and arrived in New York at 5:30 N.Y time and 3:30 a.m. our time. I tried to tough it out without a sleeping pill so I didn't get much sleep. But Dad said he was ready to go after we got to the apartment. So we rested for about 45 minutes and headed out. We almost had to take a taxi home because we were both so exhausted at the end of our day. I've got to remember to take my I.D. with me at all times so when they find me face down in the gutter they can call someone to come get me.
The apartment is interesting as all New York older apartments are. I particularly like the real cow skin rug (big cow) in the living room. It was so hot today and the owner had taken the air conditioners out last week because they had a cold spell. But it's suppose to get much cooler tomorrow for 3 or 4 days so we'll just hope it happens.,

This is not our apartment but this is 20th St. on the way to the "Highline".
I don't think these people rent out rooms. Too bad.

I finally get to walk My "Highline". It's mine because I

have paid $25.00 a year to be a member since
it's inception 6 years ago
and now it's finished--- so it's part mine. Not like the lady
that stood up at a benefit dinner and

donated $10 Million dollars. Diane Von Furstenberg and her husband Barry Diller
have donated $10 million "twice". She also moved her business
warehouse from 12th Street to an old warehouse under the Highline.

The "Highline" is the old elevated railroad tracks
that used to bring meat to the slaughter houses on the
west side of Manhattan. The city wanted to take it down
until two young men formed a non-profit corporation to try to save it.

Oh, the Standard Hotel---known best for it's unsavory behavior at times.

Today alone we saw two models being photographed
on the Highline and two others elsewhere in our travels
Arrived at the end of the Line near 12th Street. They have
left the old rails in many places on the walk. Benches, and
redwood lounge chairs- people sunbathing, reading, taking
family photo's. Every one loves it.

I think this might be the only meat packing business left in this area.

A telephone booth-- We saw 3 today and it always catches me off guard
because their so rare in the city now.

Farmers Market at Abington Park. Bought some great cucumbers
and Honey Crisp apples and I carried them in my bag all day.

This brownstone has something to do with books but it was locked
and I couldn't find anything when I Googled it. I might have to go back
after the weekend. It's on Waverly. It could be a private library.

Street fair just before the Christopher Subway stop.
Several people were as interesting as the things they were selling.

Seems like every subway line is fouled up this weekend. There is
a lot of construction on the downtown subways. Just heard on the
news that 17 of the 19 subway lines are affected. To get to the
Governor's Island Ferry we had to get off at Chambers (a long way away)
and take a shuttle bus to the ferry. One lady had to take a shuttle to a shuttle and missed a funeral.

This is one of the old
ferry terminals but it has been restored and it's beautiful.

Beautiful shot of Battery Park City. Next to the West Village
I like this part of Manhattan the best.

Governor's Island is an old military instillation that has been in use

over 200 years. In 2001 the city made a deal with the government
and now it's open on weekends. The ferry is free and you can rent
or take your bikes over and ride around all the old buildings. It's

pretty cool but please believe me when I say a man in a little shuttlebus saved our life. We got a nice tour of the whole island instead of the

50 feet after we got off the ferry. We were beginning to wear out.
Entrance to Fort Jay and the ammunitation storage rooms

The Governor's House

Just outside the terminal a Softee Ice Cream truck and

Dad agree's with Glenna-- It's really good.

This is a beautiful park called "The Elevated Acre". It's surrounded
on three sides with tall skyscrapers and the fourth side overlooks the

East River. It has an escalator that goes from the sidewalk on Water Street

up to the Park. Except the escalator wasn't working today. It was a steep climb. Half-way up another model was having her photograph taken by a photographer that didn't look old enough to babysit.

This young man wasn't a model but he was having his picture taken.

To tell the truth I was more worried about the battery in his
laptop exploding from the heat. Today set a record for the high
for this day. Figures.

Now this is the strangest thing I've heard in a long time. At the A.T.& T building on Water Street we noticed this "crunched" sculpture. There was a guard there so I ask him if it was something from the Twin Towers. He said "No, it was a Helicopter that had crashed. I said "you have to be kidding". "No" he said, he had been told that the man that owned the building-- this doesn't mean he has anything to do with AT&T, he just owned the building and was very rich-- anyway, it was his helicopter and he was killed when it crashed. They crushed and cubed it and now it's a ?? on Water Street in front of a building he owned.
Don't you love Google. I actually found what I think is the situation and the guard had it "slightly wrong".

Our final objective of the Day. Bowne and Co. Stationary.
They still print upscale stationary on antique machines. Fun Store.

So exhausted we were tempted to take a $20.+ taxi ride home. "Cowboy'd Up" and found the subway on Wall Street. So tired when we got home. We'll take it easier tomorrow.

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