Monday, September 27, 2010


O.K. O.K. I can hear the moans already. Do we have to go to the
Lower East Side Tenement Museum every year. Ummmmm, the
answer is probably "Yes". At least, Please--I really want to.
They have just bought this building across the street from
the Museum shop and near the existing Tenement Museum.
They will be recreating more current apartments-- say the last 60 years
instead of 150 years. Love this place.

Got a late start and had to hurry to make the 12:30 "Walking Tour" that
lasted 1 1/2 hours. The weather was cool and fluxed between light drizzle
and raining buckets. Even with umbrella's my shirt sleeve was wet to
the shoulder.
Annie-with the blue umbrella- is our guide. After the tour she
fills me in on how to become a volunteer when we move back here.
Just getting all the "ducks" in a row.

Old Photo of E. Ridley StoreCurrent Photo of E. Ridley Store

View of Orchard St 1890

Same view of Orchard St, 2010

Sender Jarmulowsky, Russian-Jewish immigrant, arrived
in New York in 1873 and opened a bank. By 1912, he built this
magnificent "temple of finance". He was a trusted honest banker
but unfortunately died in 1912 and his son's ran it into the ground and
lost the business in 1917. The building sold last year for 32 million and
will be converted to luxury condo's.

The forward building opened in 1912, and housed the popular Jewish
Daily Forward, or Forverts. This Yiddish newspaper had national readership and helped immigrants adapt to life in America. It is also now luxury condo's.

Loew's Canal Movie Theater
Small frontage on street but it wraps
around the buildings next to it and is huge inside.
Next photo is also this theatre but around the corner.

P.S 42
has been educating children from immigrant families for over one hundred
and ten years. When the school opened in 1898, students were mainly Italian and Jewish. Today, the student body is primarily Chinese and Latino immigrants.

Great sign at the Museum gift shop. Also dropped $65.00 for books.
I know, I know but they were ones I didn't have.

Decided to make one more stop before heading back.
Cutting through the mayors back yard.
I took a picture of this building the last time I was here and it doesn't look
like they have made any progress since then. I'd love to know
the history of the stand-alone building--- they are trying hard to keep it
safe while they build next to it.

I wanted to show Dad the African Burial Ground Memorial Museum. It's
closed on Monday. Must have been Monday last time also because it was
closed them also. We'll try later this week. But the outside memorial is
In 1991 they were excavating for an addition to a government building when
they discovered a 200 year old burial ground. Due to public pressure they
stopped and hence the Memorial. It's beautiful.

The Subway from ????????. This looked like sardines in a can.
We waited for the next one.
Headed home. Just 1 block to go.

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