Saturday, April 11, 2009


Daddy bakes a cake for Mom
Noah eats the cake that Daddy baked for Mom
Life is good

Friday, April 10, 2009


Sunday Times: A.A. Gill---"As the President stepped up to 10 Downing Street, he leant over, made eye contact, said something courteous, and shook the hand of the police officer standing guard. There's always a police officer there; he is a tourist logo in his ridiculous helmet. He tells you that this is London, and the late 19th century. No one has ever shaken the hand of the policeman before, and like everyone else who has his palm touched by Barack Obama, he was visibly transported and briefly forgot himself. He offered the hand to Gordon Brown, the prime minister, who was scuttling behind.
It was ignored. He was left empty-handed. It isn't that Mr. Brown snubbed the police officer; he just didn't see him. To a British politician, a police officer is as invisible as the railings.
But the rest of us noticed. Being nice to the staff is second only to being nice to dogs as a pinnacle of civilization. Remember: a butler's not just for Christmas."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Can this be a true story??

"Then the party moved to a country club in West Paterson, N.J., with 560 guests. An admiring friend brought up a short story the bride had written in which a woman showers in cold water as her fiance' shaves, so she won't steam up the mirror. When ask if the detail was autobiographical, the bride lowered her voice and said with a Mona Lisa Smile, "It's something she does that he doesn't know she does for him". The bridegroom looked at her in amazement: "My mirror isn't
steamy, " he said."

O.K., I get the "I'm really in LOVE" part but "A COLD SHOWER".

Reminds me of a beautiful ex-beauty pageant queen that worked at the desk next to mine in 1964. She was drop dead beautiful and at lunch one day told us that she always went to bed in full hair-do and make-up. She would wait until he went to sleep and then get up and roller the hair and take her make-up off. She got up 1 hour before him to do the reverse procedure.

Her marriage lasted 2 years. You do the math.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hey Bill- you want to beat Apple/IPhone at it's own game-- here's what you do.
Produce a stupid cell phone with numbers on the pad that the "over 50 crowd" can actually read. There's really a lot of us and more coming every day. There is a great article in the NY Sunday Times by Michael Winerip about this very thing. "Somewhere between the cellphone and BlackBerry, I stopped. I pay my bills by mail, not online. I listen to music on a CD, not an iPod. I e-mail, I don't I.M. or friend people on Facebook or Twitter. "

I'm amazed at the technology I have seen in my "short" lifetime. I worry that this younger generation will never lay on the floor on their tummy's and visualize a radio serial.

I remember the morning our phone system shifted to dial and I called my Grandmother at 6 a.m. so I could be the first person in our family to use the new phone.

Our DuMont black and white T.V. and what a kick it was a short time back to discover that our granddaughter loved the old black and white "I Love Lucy" reruns.

And then I introduced her to "The Nelsons".

To quote Michael again" Some progress is progress, but as you get old, you come to feel, a lot is just change; no better, maybe worse. I watched my mother, who died a few years ago at 92, lose interest in the next new thing. She'd been born with radio. TV---particularly color TV---was more than she'd ever expected to see in her lifetime, and I couldn't get her past that. She couldn't see the point in cable beyond basic, because all she needed were three TV stations. Couldn't see the point of the DVD player my brother got her, since the three TV stations had movies. Didn't need a CD player since the radio had music. I was born when TV stations ran test patterns from midnight to 6: A.M. E-mail, the cellphone, 400 cable channels -- it's more than I ever expected to see in my lifetime. It's more than enough. As my mother used to say, how much information does one person need?"