Saturday, April 12, 2008


Garden Goose is having a contest for 6 weeks on "Being a Farmgirl". Don't really care if I win a prize or not but having been raised on a 6 generation farm I thought it might give me some good material for my blog. The theme for this week is "What does being a Farm Girl mean to you?".
Since I haven't really lived on our farm for 45 years being a Farm Girl means memories to me. I visit our farm usually once a week to see my Mom and Aunt. I am one of 15 first cousins and many of them still live on family property. Our original homestead papers are signed by a President of the United States. Growing up on a farm in the 40's and 50's-- it just didn't get any better. To share with other farm girls and to learn about the Farm Girl way of life visit:

Yep--that me, I'm a farm girl

Oldest little brother - just learn'n the trade

My Dad and Granddad

We always had dogs and horses

My Dad with our farm in the background


Why would a sane lady (o.k. the vote is still out on that one) tear out a fairly low maintenance yard 18 years ago and plant an extremely high maintenance one. One reason is that it was really good Therapy. Not cheaper than therapy considering the money we have spent on plants and everything that goes with them but alot more fun. My husband came home from work one summer day in 1990 and discovered I had taken a chain saw to the shrubs in the back yard. I did enough damage that we could only go forward. Re-did the entire N.E.S.W. of the yard and loved it. It gave me joy and good times to say nothing of aches and pains for several years. I don't think I once gave a thought to the fact that I was getting older each year and this was just going to get harder. For the past 4 years I have been trying to get it back to a managable amount of work. I have 500 bulbs for the spring and I plant things that will bloom in the fall-- because did I mention that we don't live here in the summer. Go figure. Can you tell I spent the entire day in the yard and I'm now looking for the industrial strength Ibuprofen.