Saturday, June 21, 2008


Our Lake

Water running in the 3 mile long irrigation ditch that my Great-great grandfather and his brothers dug over 110 years ago. It is still in use for several farms and properties.
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Thursday, June 19, 2008


When I called Pat Raney to ask permission to use her photo of the Eslick Motel (which she graciously gave) she told me how she came to shoot it. She was working on her wonderful book titled "Rocky Mountain Rustic" (its gorgeous and still available), and was walking her dog down by the lake. She went past a modern motel and saw all these old cars. The drive from Estes to Grand Lake is a favorite activity for the vintage car clubs and we get 2 or 3 a year. She started talking to them about their cars and the idea popped into her head that these were the kind of cars that would have stopped at the Eslick Cottages and parked in the attached "garages". They were happy to accommodate and Grace gave permission to drive across the lawn and thus we have a great 1920 picture taken in 2004. Thanks Pat for your permission and for the beautiful book.

Eslick Cottages

Attended a presentation this week on Old Motels of Colorado. It was well presented by a gentlemen that documents historical architecture. He talked about the Eslick Motel and said that in 1927 Grand Lake had 18 motels listed in a travel guide. He also said that he thought the Eslick Cottages were most likely the oldest still intact in Colorado. The Rocky Mountain Rep. Theatre, through an anonymous donation was able to buy the property for their new theatre on the condition that the cottages not be torn down. I think. DH and I rode around town after and took pictures of what we knew/thought to be remains of old motels.

Most of the building are still in use either as summer rentals or private cottages

It was getting a little late in the evening to be taking pictures.

But I got a killer one of the sunset.

Old Motel sign at the edge of town.

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Monday, June 16, 2008


Most people put their decorating skills towards their wall inside their house. Alas, I really have no decorating skills but do have lots of fun "Wall" items, but they are hung on the outside of the cabin.
The story of the plaque goes like this: In the depression hobo's would chalk the image of a cat on a gate or fence to signify that the lady of this house would give you something to eat. I gave one to several friends and to my Mother who always seemed to be feeding the masses when we were growing up.

I love these geese. They came facing right or facing left. I bought them facing left because
when I hung them on the deck wall they are headed North or returning for the summer.

A gift from one of our children

Horseshoe from my Dad's barnyard

We have rustic signs with each family members name on it hanging on the big wall outside. These are the names we added over the last yearl.

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