Thursday, September 30, 2010


Headed back to the Upper East Side so Dad could download some
information he had located yesterday and I
jumped on the M2 on Madison and went to The Museum of New York City.
They had a great display on vintage clothing titled

Please tell me Brooke Astor didn't really wear the white number above.
It was in the 50's. Maybe that explains it.

Mrs. Vanderbilt Very Old

One last short walk along the Park
This photo is for A.L. She would be so happy with all the dogs in N.Y.

This banner was staring at me as I sat down on the bus.
The M 79 through the Park.

Dinner at Whole Foods. Pizza and Carrot Cake

The Sukkah - This "tabernacle" was set up in Bryant Park for the Holiday. On the holiday of Sukkot, Jews are commanded to dwell in temporary shelters or booths, as their ancestors the Israelites did in the desert after the exodus.

The obligatory dash through Times Square. Unless your going to
a really good Broadway show there is no reason to be here. It is my least
favorite place in New York.
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

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