Friday, January 30, 2009


There is a great Antique Mall in Solana Beach. Tried for an hour
to figure out how we could get this set of antique desks home. Finally gave up.

Can't beat a red Christmas Tree
Always wanted a good "Seed" box

Took lessons for 3 years and this is piano is just about my speed.

Lots of Fiesta Ware

For boiling Eggs. Would have bought this to go with my collection but not for $50.

I bought a furnished doll house, 6 Barbies and over 100 outfits for $50. at a garage sale. This
one is tagged $449.00.

Cute small cash register
Love this children's stove.

O.K. what's the story on this one. Life sized oil portrait of a really upscale beautiful lady.
Looks like she has/had money.
She's either the First Wife or she cut everyone out of the will, or, or, or.
Why else would a portrait this big be hanging in an Antique Store--with a large
"Sale" tag hanging from it.

Monday, January 26, 2009


There is a great little street in Solana Beach that is full of designer shops.
My favorite is the Bathroom/Kitchen Store
This is a great "Wall of Water"

This is a cool--"tiny" bathtub

I love this sink but the first thing I thought of was
"Where would I put all the junk I have in the cupboard"

Cool but it splashed all over the wall

This was beautiful. $7000.00 for just the sink, stand, and towel rings. Good luck