Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3rd post today

O.K. I get the message-- I need to do something else a little more constructive today than sit at the computer.
I just remembered Andi tagged "everybody" on her blog so I'm going to try and do it.

10 Years ago today I was: Can't do 10 years ago because that part of my journal was permanently lost when I hit something on the keyboard and it vanished. Didn't find out what "ctrl Z" was for until a couple of years later. But I can do 8 1/2 years ago.
Wendell was getting ready to retire and I gave up the "Berry" business and got ready to retire. Aug. 9th 99, Nick lost his first tooth, Aug. 14, 99, Abby broke her arm on neighbors trampoline and Aug. 11, 99 several people in our family were in the tornado in downtown Salt Lake. Actually thought about taking my camera with me to lunch downtown with Wendell that day and didn't. go figure.

5 Things on my "to do" list today: This will have to be list for tomorrow because it's 11 p.m. right now.
1. Get up before 10:30 a.m.
2. Remember to drink vitamin drink
3. Walk on Beach
4. Read book
5. Check Blog and see if anyone left a comment

Thing I would do If I became a Billionaire
Give all our children lots of money- not sure how much yet.
Hire a full time really good massage person to live at my house.
Buy an apartment in New York
Buy a lifetime business class pass on Delta (not sure if they have these)
Rethink my priority's and give most of it to "Room to Read"

3 of my bad habits:
I sometimes hit the send key and then wish I hadn't.
I eat "two bite brownies" instead of carrots
I'll let people who know me well fill in the last one.

5 places I've lived:
Provo, Utah on a farm
Yellowstone National Park in a dorm
Denver, Colorado in a really great neighborhood
Bountiful, Utah, in a really, really great neighborhood
Grand Lake, Colorado in a really, really, really great neighborhood

5 jobs I've had:
(I'm assuming you are not including, wife, mother,grandmother, daughter, etc.)
Made butterfly (ordered the bugs from South America) natural arrangements and sold them
Berrie Fairy (20 years)
Copy Shop 4 different jobs
Sam Wellers Books- Bountiful and Salt Lake

Oh My Gosh

Now I feel really terrible about the title of the post I put on this morning. I had no idea that such a terrible storm would hit south Salt Lake this afternoon. Our granddaughter goes to the grade school in Alpine that is having 300 kids sleep overnight. Her school bus was the one bus on Draper Mountain that got the kids home and she is safe at home tonight. We've been busy calling and making sure everyone is home and safe. Becky is visiting teaching and we're just waiting for her to call when she gets home. I'm busy trying to get information from K.S.L online.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sorry about the snow in Utah

O.K. it's hard to get sympathy when we complain that "its cold today" and we mean it hasn't gotten above 65. Oceanside is warmer than it has been for the last 5 years.

We arrived on the 10th of January and it took us 1/2 hour to settle in and feel at home. Actually we felt at home the minute we drove onto Highway 1. Becky and Elroy and kids came the following week and it was great and Tim and Melanie and the twins left last Monday and we had great week. I bought a year membership to Legoland so I foist myself off on to any and all visitors that are going there. Also I can go have fried apple cinammon fries anytime I want.

We are walking to the movie this afternoon "Juno". California is the only time we ever go to movies at the theatre. Too busy in Utah and too far to a theatre in Colorado.

Our anniversary is coming up and Wendell has ordered a "total lunar eclipse" to celebrate. What a guy. He said he would get me something really special.

Happy birthday to our Steve today. Wish I had a baby picture of him down here that I could post.