Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is week 4 of the Farm Girl Blog A Thon and I can actually do this one easily- unlike last week's. I really do have 3 gardens.

Garden where I live spring and fall. I have about 600 tulips for spring and I plant marigolds and blooming flowers that I can enjoy late summer and fall. The rest of the time the neighbors have to look at 50 rose bushes develop rose hips because nobody is deadheading them.

My Summer Garden at 8900 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Gardening at that altitude is a whole different ball game. Took me about 6 years to decide that the garden was going to only do what IT wanted to.

I also have a 10x10 garden in our little tourist town that I volunteer to plant and care for. They are spaced 4 to a block, both sides of the street on the little main street of our town. We provide plants, water and care for them. I love working on it during the tourist season because the nicest people stop and talk to me.

I just threw this one in so you'll know I'm not a wanna-be Farm Girl-- Several years I helped my Dad get the peach crop off in September. I miss him.

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Three years ago we started taking our children and grandchildren on "Family History Trips".
I come from 6 generations of residents in the surrounding communities so I have alot of "places" that are important to our family. This post is about our first trip to the John Rowe Moyle Homestead. His granddaughter was my great grandmother. I remember her well.

She died in her 90's when I was 10.

Great Grandmother holding moi

The only remaining Indian Protection Tower left in the State. Evidently these
were common place 150 years ago.

This is the original house and is restored very nicely inside. Caretakers live on the property and give excellent personal tours.

View from inside the Indian Tower John Moyle was kicked in the leg by a cow and the leg had to be amputated. He carved himself a wooden leg that actually hinged at the ankle.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


A Wedding Shower --wonderful family and friends,
great gifts and a beautiful quilt

And a wonderful Baby Blessing