Friday, April 29, 2011


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Everything's go'in to be just fine. Found a Whole Food's Market.

Finally made it to the "New Museum"

on the Bowery.
It's kinda like the Guggenheim only taller,

and downtown-----but.......
if you donate enough money they let you

paint the elevators any color you want.

These are huge and take up a whole wall in a dark room.

This is huge and multi-layered. I said to the guard "my grandson made one of those

with 4 cans of playdoh the other day". Very seriously he said "How long did it take him".
I replied "20 minutes, he's 3". He stroked his beard, looked at the floor and didn't say a word. It was then that I knew he spoke limited English or had a really bad

sense of humor. Or maybe not???

But I did love this painting. It is huge, about the size of our living room windows.

At Last---a Graffiti artist with a sense of humor

Now this is truly scary. We didn't just run onto this place---we

actually went looking for it. I had read a piece in the Times about
it and thought Dad might enjoy it.

This is the guy who guards the door when Billy won't be back
for an hour. "No, you can't go in" but we still came too close
to trying to bring a large "Dr. Pepper" tin sign
home with us.

No Idea What This Is Suppose To Be........

If This Steamer Trunk Could Talk...This on the other hand---It's bad enough that the dog is stuffed

but it has blood on it's mouth, dripping from it's tongue and
on it's paw. It's just gross.

Notice how I segway right into something more pleasant.

Hua Mei Bird Garden

Dad picked this dress out for my 16 year old brain.

Two cute Elders in Sara Roosevelt Park. One from Carlsbad, Calif and

the other from Mexico. It was the one from Carlsbad that was complaining
he couldn't find good Mexican Food in New York. We directed him to
Tortilla Flats on West 12th Street. I wish he'd been more impressed than

he seemed to be
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Evidently Google objects to 70 + photo's in one posting so this is our

first day, no order to anything but over 11,000 steps in a little

over 4 hours. So much for taking it easy on this trip.

Liz Christy's Memorial Garden
It's great but locked up tight. They must work
on it on weekends.

Found my Kitchen Aid but it doesn't come in Yellow--

If they don't have one of these in the "Book of Mormon" play

they missed a good one.

We're sure we witness'd our first "large" drug deal in this doorway.

Man yanks open door and man standing outside hands him a

wad of rolled up bills about the size of a pint bottle. Man outside

is yanked inside and door slams. All this as we are walking past

on the sidewalk.

Look who has their name on the Star's trailer on a movie shoot.

Any time you see alot of trailers lining the side of a street,

a catering truck with expensive goodies laid out, about 50 men

standing around doing nothing, and miles of electric cable

you can be sure you have stumbled upon the filming of a

"movie" or "t.v." show. This is a pilot of a new t.v. show

called "Girls". The story of a bunch of young girls

making their way in New York City. What a novel idea,
can't imagine why no one has thought of that before????

Old Marble Cementery

There are two of them a block apart.

Cute family out walking their paper mache' snowman.

Cooper Union Building--- Part of NYU.

Brunch---We shared and Dad ate most of the fries.

I call this "New York Tile". If you see it you know where you are.