Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We have something for everyone today.
This photo is for Janean. The MetLife Bldg was
the Pan Am building in the 60's and Janean

worked here. I am so impressed.

Wanted to see the inside of the Polish Embassy today. Sometimes
they have programs and you can look around. Unfortunately
today was not one of those days. We could look at the ceiling of
one of the side rooms or we could get a visa to Poland. Those were
our choices. I have this insane interest in the old buildings
in New York.

Hadn't planned on going to the Morgan Library today which is just across

the street . It had an exhibit on Mark Twain but since I never
finished "Tom Sawyer" I figured we'd pass. But in passing the building
they had a banner out advertising along with Mark an exhibit on Ann Morgan,
daughter of J.P. Morgan and her extraordinary work during WW I rebuilding
France. I had never heard of this effort but since my Grandfather served in
northern France during the War I wanted to learn more.

Between 1917 and 1924, three hundred fifty American women, all volunteers, went to Picardy, a region of Northern France that had been heavily affected by four years of war. Under the auspices of the American Committee for Devastated France as it was called, these women chose to share the life of the rural Aisne population and to come to their aid and thanks to private funds that had been collected in the United States by Anne Morgan, daughter of John Pierpont Morgan.
For 7 years they carried out exemplary reconstruction work with the aim of enabling these people to become self-sufficient. At the wheel of their Ford trucks, which they drove and repaired themselves-they covered the areas around Soissons dispensing first aid, distributing food and providing help. They created a network of nurses, children's library's, (a first in France), social centers and kindergartens. These photo's from the exhibit are incredible.

Hopped a bus going uptown because we were going to a shop in the basement of a book store that featured Vintage Toys. The book store was open but the owner of the shop downstairs is only in Wednesday through Sunday---sometimes. We'll come back tomorrow.
We were going to have lunch in either Bryant Park or Paley Park but it was raining so hard we found a Subway. That's like eating at McDonald's when you're in Italy, but at least we were dry.

Great used book store called
Complete Traveller Antiquarian Bookstore
at 199 Madison Ave.
We were discussing the numbering of the streets in Manhattan
and there is no reasonable explanation. A store on 35th street and
Madison Ave. has an address of 199 Madison Ave. Maybe someday
someone will explain it to me.

They had this photo at the register. It's a picture of people in Coventry, England during WW II in a bombed-out bookstore, looking for books. It's quite incredible.

This ? in the entrance caught my attention first and I looked to see
what kind of a store it was. Upscale jewelry store. Interesting transition.

Astro Gallery of Gems

Loved the silk skirt ($2560.00) in Ralph Lauren's Store and there was

a beautiful sweater ($900.00) to go with it.

Told you we had something for everyone. Trust me, if your rich or even
semi-rich and you leave your earthly belonging behind, your next
stop is Frank E. Campbell. In business since 1898, it is the Funeral
Parlor for the Upper East Side. It was even mentioned on "Mad Men" last week when Don Drapers ancient secretary died at her desk.
The nice man gave us an quick tour of the upstairs rooms and the chapel
and "No" you don't want to know what I told him to gain entrance. But now I'll know when I read an obituary in the Times just how to picture the place.

Bought a couple of lottery tickets at a deli and then proceeded to shop for the property we'll buy when we win. Just a couple of places that are in the running.

The one 3 brownstones down with the little garden window.

Or this one with the little sun room.

Or this one with the roof top garden.

I love the name of this shop.

Lascoff Apothecary

A Church garden that has a Welcome sign and the gate was chained.

This is a cool building so we walked over to see what it was. Name on top said "United States Mortgage and Trust Company"

The basement and 2 floors that are spaced behind the tall windows on the bottom belong to a company called "VBH". These are the initials of a gentleman who makes very expensive purses and jewelry. The purses are displayed on couches, chairs, cabinets, etc. The purses have no LOGO's on them-- that is their logo-- understatement. They never advertise. Made in Florence, Italy by hand. It is strictly word of mouth. Anywhere from the upper hundreds to $14,000. Finally a purse to go with the skirt at Ralph Lauren. A beautiful young lady approached us and ask if she could help us. Ya, sure. We're both in Levi's and I have my New York purse-- the one the twins made me 11 years ago and is more precious than the ones staring back at me. I thought she just might ask us to leave. I ask her about the history of the building. She was so friendly and told us we were welcome to look around the store and and at the custom jewelry downstairs in the vault. Her name was Mrika and she was delightful. If you need an expensive purse please go here-- word of mouth and all.
Old Bank Vault and the Jewelry was beautiful.

Shakespeare and Co. New York Branch.

Bought a book on Lily Safra. I didn't know she would allow a book to be written. 4th richest woman in the world. She married well. 4 times. 2nd husband was a Brazilian millionaire that died from 2 (two) gunshot wounds to the chest. It was ruled a suicide O.K. Her fourth husband died in a fire in their Villa in Monte Carlo. The nurse is in jail for that one. If I were the author I would up my insurance.

Subway back to Grand Central
Soup from downstairs
# 6 Express to the L on 14th Street and then
a nice walk home.

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