Friday, June 12, 2009


DH headed home this morning and 3 friends won't arrive until tomorrow around 6
so I headed out to check out a few places.
I wanted to find Teardrop Park and it's a good thing I was
so persistent because it wasn't easy to find. But
it is so worth it.
The Ice Wall

Children's Play Area

The Marsh Bog with a trail through it.

Stairs leading to Reading Area

Another one of my favorite place is just around the corner.
Irish Famine Memorial is beautiful. The old remains
of an Irish stone cottage actually belong to the ancestors of
the architect. There are large stones from every
county in Ireland.

Heading due East across lower Manhattan looking for the
African Burial Ground from days when the
Dutch were settling the area. At that time the burial
grounds were quite a distance above the occupied town.
If your building a private building you don't have to shut down
for an architectural dig if you find bones but if your a government
building, you do. There are many government building around
this area and that is why we even have this site. It's beautiful.

There are seven mounds that hold the remains of everyone found.
Approximately 500 bodies.

Had some fruit and a muffin in a cute park on Centre Street and
then headed up Centre to Canal St. Hate Canal Street so
I zig-zagged through the Lower East Side just looking
at the great buildings like this old Bowery Bank Building
which I hadn't seen before.
Ended up of course at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, my
favorite museum in New York. O.K., I really like the Frick also. It's
so hard to have a favorite in N.Y.

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