Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Church this morning at 10:00 and then home to change
clothes and to the subway. Off at 81st and head for the
street fair. I had a mushroom crepe and DH had
a -- something? Hot today and we don't do well
in the heat. They keep promising us it will cool off
and rain but we finally gave up and went home and
had a nap.

Later, early evening we walked over to the entrance to the High Line. I
was so hoping it would open while we were here. It looks like it is
ready even though the entrance is boarded up. I think that's
to protect them from people like me. I've been a member of
the Highline since it was first announced 5 years ago. The fact
that is is ready to open is amazing considering what they must
have gone through. But it was worth it, now everyone wants
to be a part of it.

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