Monday, February 18, 2008


Have we stockpiled the nacho's, dip, and drinks for this Sunday. No, this posting is not late for the Superbowl (which we don't celebrate unless Denver is playing)--
it's for this Sunday night and the Academy Awards.
I am such a movie fan especially of the 40's 50's. It starts to selectively thin out after I married and had less time but I still love movies and never miss the Awards. This is the 80th year of the Awards but the first one televised was 1953 and Bob Hope was the M.C. Drum roll please--- the winner for Best Picture that year was "The Greatest Show on Earth". Cecil B. DeMille had directed so many bibical movies, some since the early 20's but wouldn't you know it, he won his only directing Oscar for a Circus Movie.
In the mid 80's when downtown Salt Lake was well into it's dying mode, the last single large theatre, "The Centre Theatre" on 3rd South and State announced it's closing. They were having a closing ceremony and were showing "The Greatest Show on Earth". Wendell was out of town on a business trip and so I got all dressed up and went down to pay homage. The balcony was roped off and everyone was suppose to sit on the main level. I got my apple juice (in an embossed champagne glass) and took a quick look around and slipped under the rope and up the stairs. I sat center, front row in the empty balcony and reminisced about how bad I wanted to be Betty Hutton when I was 10 years old. I still have the commorative glass's from that night. Just a note to our kids-- don't throw them away, if you don't want them, put'em on eBay.

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andi said...

Oh, I hate that I am going to be in prison on Sunday and not on your sofa. We are hippies and have no TV which is great except about 3 times a year. This is one of those times.