Monday, February 18, 2008


Just getting around to reading my Sunday New York Times. Good Hubby just picked up the phone a couple of months ago and has it delivered on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Some fun things in it today. An article about the Guggenheim and the new exhibit of 99 wolves, in the shape of a rainbow. Looks big but I can't tell if they are stuffed or sculptured. I vote for stuffed. I'll do some more checking. I hope they put them next to the 20x20 foot canvas with a gazillion flies on it. This is one of Glenna's favorite museums.

After further study I learned the wolves are made out of paper-mache, plaster, fiberglass, resin and painted hide. If you say so but they sure look furry to me.

The Modern Love Essay was on a Democrat married to a Republican. Hmmm
sounds vaguely familiar.

My favorite was a huge story on Sandra Boynton and her books and c.d. I'll be visiting Amazon as soon as I wrap this up to order a couple of them. She is a very neat lady.
Another one on the "new" condo-owner occupants of the restored Plaza Hotel and how lonely they are because so many of the owners own 5 or 6 homes and aren't there very often. I couldn't tell if I was suppose to feel sorry for them or not.

A good one on "EcoMoms" and last but not least, one about art theft and how dumb the thieves are because it's so hard to sell after they steal it. Sounded like they thought they might shame them into returning it.

I often email copies of the articles to a couple of friends. If you would like to be on the list just let me know.
I'm trying to paste a YouTube video at the top of this post and if I actually accomplish it, all the credit goes to Andi who walked me through it. Thanks ANDI.


andi said...

Wow! I am totally impressed. Do you get the impression that I am easily impressed.

As for side bar links, photos, polls, movies and the like, go to your dashboard. Click the word layout (it should say post, settings, layout). At the bottom of the page it says "Add a page element". Click on "Add a page element" and one of the many, many element options is called "link list". Click on "link list" and then just cut and paste your links in the box that says "http:/". (You can erase the http:/ part and just start with the www. part.)

Honey, you are going to love all the page element options. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jude for giving me access to your blog too.

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