Thursday, October 16, 2008


7588 steps today. We like to keep track so we feel better about the junk food we eat. Back to Top of the Rock (love that place) and then on to--

MOMA-- it was as good this week as last week-- maybe better.

Picked up lunch at 42nd and Broadway at Europa and took the bus to Circle Cruise Lines.
I'm so used to the subways I sometimes forget the bus lines--I've got to use them more.
On way back we stopped and picked up 50% tickets for Mary Poppins tonight. A Microsoft employee with a camera approached us to take our picture to put oh the Jumbotron tomorrow as an ad. They were suppose to send a copy to my E-mail but it hasn't arrived yet?

Two Classy Ladies

Yes---the waterfalls are working this time.
Got a small demonstration going on across from Grand Central. That's as close as they could get to the U.N. this week. Having the U.N. in session has really tied up the bus's and traffic in general on the East side of Manhattan.

Back to Times Square

Tikki Barber was on the balcony of Hard Rock and they were panning the crowd below and showing it on one of the Jumbotrons. We attracted their attention by doing the "Rockette's Kick". We were approached by a very nice lady who wanted to be part of our group. We said "Sure". Then she said she wanted to do something outrageous-- "would we all like to

pull our shirts up and flash the camera" "No, we don't think so" She decided we weren't as fun as we looked.

The New Old Amsterdam Theatre is drop dead gorgeous. I would pay the ticket price just

to walk around and stare at the restoration.

Mary Poppins was great. The staging and props were over the top.

Was an eerie night. It was warm but misty and the clouds were about 2/3 of the way down

the buildings. It would swirl in and around the skyscrapers and it was beautiful.

Times Square is one of my least favorite places but it was beautiful that night.

Picked up KeyLime Cheesecake at Magnolia and played Rummkube until 1:00 A.M.


PAT said...

Wow! I love this!!!

Pat said...

What a wonderful trip you had! You were able to do so much! Gald you had agood time in my hometown ;-)

Ming the Merciless said...

Wow, you did more in a couple of days than I've done in WEEKS!!

How was Mary Poppins?