Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well you can just imagine the mess my notes on the trip would be if I weren't so conscientious? about it. Hence the reason you will read today about us going to "Ellen's Stardust Cafe". Reviewing my notes it wasn't before "Mary Poppins" but actually the following night before "Jersey Boys".

A.M. Headed for the Morgan Library--

another wonderful place. Then up to the Neue Galerie where the young man at the reception desk treated us like trailer trash but we didn't take it personal- everyone else looked as average as we did and I think he just needed an attitude adjustment.

We wanted to see the Klimt painting of Adele Bloch-Bauer and it was beautiful but smaller than I had thought it would be. "The Alfred Kubin Drawings 1897-1909" exhibit was very dark and depressing. We thought the Diane Arbus exhibit a couple of years ago was grim but it was a ray of sunshine compared to this one. The beautiful building that houses this Galerie was once the home of Mrs Cornelius Vanderbuilt III which was one of the reasons we wanted to see it.
Took the bus to Times Square and thought we would try to get last minute tickets to "Jersey Boys". Bingo- they had 4 tickets in the 4th row. We thought that was a bit close but they turned out to be fine. And they were on the aisle and left side of stage where most of the action took place.

Ate at "Ellen's Stardust Diner" before the show and will certainly go there again. The food is better than average and the entertainment is great. The waiters and waitress's are working Broadway actors and sing great songs all while you eat.

We are having a really good time

Jersey Boys was incredible. It was electric. Seems like every member of the audience was 15 years old again for 2 1/2 hours. During the last song/standing ovation one of the "Jersey Boys" made eye contact with Janean and gave her a big smile. The "too close to the stage seats" paid off. I hope it's playing next year so we can go again. Bought the CD and have been playing it full blast as I toodle around doing 66 year old errands.

Misty, warm and low clouds-- beautiful night

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