Monday, October 13, 2008


Headed for the beautiful on the Eldridge Street Synagogue Lower East Side. It just opened last
January. The guide was wonderful and the great-grandson of the first Rabbi. The Synagogue was built in 1887 and took $90.000. to build. Later it raised 17.5 million and took 20 years for
the restoration.

Original unrestored door frame

Original Contribution Box
From here just a short walk to The Lower East Side Tenement Museum which is one
of my favorite places in New York. They had opened a new apartment based on The Moore
Family, Irish immigrants. The guide here was exceptional.

DH left today and girlfriends will be in tomorrow. I ran up to Macy's to make a small purchase and noticed these original wood escalator rungs on the 5th and 6th floor.

Headed up to Bryant Park to catch the opening performance of "New York Now in Bryant Park".
8 years of coming to New York and I've not spent any time here. Couldn't believe what I have been missing. The New York Philharmonic was performing and it was great of course.

I stopped at a great little deli on 38th and 6th called "Pret" and bought a wonderful sandwich and the carrot cake wasn't bad either.

Merry-go-round ticket booth

Huge planters of beautiful flowers everywhere
Fresh Floral Bouquet in outdoor bathroom---now that's classy

Found a friend to sit with- he was charming, well behaved and quiet.
New York Philharmonic String Quintet and Quartet played Mozart and Dvorak

Beautiful Lamppost
Sandwich Shop

If a friend couldn't teach me to play Bridge, then I think the ship has sailed on Chess also.

W What a great idea. An Outside Reading Room. Lots of tables to sit at and 2 rolling
carts of books. You just choose one and sit an read for awhile and then put it back.

I'm going to be spending some serious time here next year.


Jan said...

I've been lurking and thoroughly enjoying you NYC trip. We go for the book show, when it's in town, so have never spent a week just being tourist. Your photos are wonderful, and you've given me some places I definitely want to visit next time. Thanks.

Dana Jones said...

I hope you are enjoying being back in the city. If you are missing the mountains, you can take a peek at the aspens we saw in New Mexico last week. I posted them at my cabin blog.

I'm hoping we can have Thanksgiving at the cabin this year. It would be so nice to retreat there for the holidays.

Take Care, Dana

ChrisB said...

I have been looking at all the photos of your NY trip in one sitting. It brought back happy memories of my trip there in 2006.

Ming the Merciless said...

The Bulldog is too cute for words.