Sunday, May 4, 2008


Glenna just dropped off her copy of The New York Observer--it just started coming to her a couple of months ago--she has no idea why. Anyway, for all of us in the market for a residence in New York at the right price, there are two great ones listed today.

1. Lufkin's wonderful restored chapel apartment of the old New York Cancer Hospital (built in 1880's) is on the market for $17.5 M. It looks out onto Central Park between 105 and 106th Central Park West. He's 76 (looks about 40) and his wife is 40 years younger . Both beautiful people and according to the article "very likable". They originally paid $1.512.000. in 2004 and put $5. million into remodeling it. Unfortunately the company that did the ceiling goofed up the insulation and it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Go figure. Anyway their moving to their country home since they only used this place a couple of times a week. If your interested contact Nikki Field at Sotheby's International Realty.
Now if you have already received your income tax refund and want to bump things up a little---

Brooke Astor's duplex penthouse is going on the market next week. They don't seem to think they will have a problem getting $46. million for it. They have already had discreet inquires. Better hurry if your interested. That's a lot more than Lufkins and is 3 blocks from the park. But I guess if your up that high you'd still get a view of the treetops.

We've got a lot going on next week so won't be able to check into them but thought someone else might like to. Good Luck


PAT said...

Wow, beautiful places, Judy! I believe I had a look in Brooke Astor's apartment at New York Social Diary awhile back.


Cheryl said...

What it is to have money. Beautiful, really beautiful.

Love the city of New York.....have been twice. Great people, great place.

Dana Jones said...

Maybe I will show these to my husband. He might appreciate my humble taste after seeing these.

Pat said...

If those places don't suit your needs you could always look in Brooklyn real estate! :-)

Thanks for you comment on my blog! I love my city!

The Tenement museum is wonderful! I visited years ago -- before I blogged. I guess I'll have to go back with my camera soon.