Sunday, February 13, 2011

WHAT AM I ? ? ? ?

About a month ago my daughter-in-law commented "My horoscope sign has changed". I replied " That can't be, someone didn't proof read the paper very well before it went to press". Well today in the New York Times, sure enough, there is an article about the shifting of the axis, alignment of stars, something about gravity, yada, yada, yada. So I hopped on the Web to find out "what I am now." I have always been a Gemini and now I'm a Taurus. If you know me, you know that makes a lot more sense. But still, I've always been a Gemini--- I'm not sure I want to change. Then there is the Chinese Year of the Whatever. Is this affected also. In the past according to the Chinese thingy dingy, my husband and I were the only two symbols that should never marry! Uh, going on 47 years. Except in cross checking I discovered that those two symbols have now changed also and suddenly we are compatible but I'm inclined to be independent and need space often, which is right on. What the !!!!!
But at the end of the article somebody named Ms. Biehl said "This so-called new information about the Earth's wobble has nothing to do with how Western astrology works. The Western zodiac does not use the constellations. And as a result, no one's astrological sign has changed".
I think I'll resolve the issue by remaining a Gemini and reading the Taras horoscope. Or maybe I'll just choose the one I like best that day.

For sure, I'm not going to tell my Mother that her sign has possibly changed-- she's 87 and that would really throw her for a loop.

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