Saturday, June 5, 2010


I knew Orem had a small museum in the Scera Theatre and finally
found time this spring to make a quick stop there. Ended up spending
1 1/2 hours.
Old projector from theatre.

One of the old "loveseats" from the Scera. It was big enough
for two people to sit in. The stool doesn't go with it. I got my
first kiss in the Scera theatre in one of these seats.

Diaorama of the Prisoner of War Camp that was located on Stratton's Farm. I've had
a hard time locating people who remember it. My grandfather talks in his WWII letters
to my dad about having to hire the prisoners because help was so scarce and both
his sons were in the war. My aunt is 80 now and we have photo's of her driving
a tractor in the orchard when she was 14.

Great antiques

I spent many an hour at an "Iron-rite". One of my jobs was keeping 4 brothers shirts
and pants ironed.
Love the old movie magazines

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