Friday, July 3, 2009


My heart is broken because the opening of the Highline is after we leave. I have

been a supporter, o.k. a supporter at the lowest member level, for the past 5 years

it has been in process. At the other end of the spectrum is the lady that

spontaneously matched a 10 million donation given by Diane and Barry at a

party last weekend. You go nice Lady.
It was further along this week than last. The barricades
were down and it looked wonderful.

A morning walk along the Hudson before T. leaves and
wandered back up Morton St. to Waverly and back to
Jane St. for the street fair where K. bought a killer lime green

A quick stop at the English Everything Shop around the corner

so T. could pick up some Bird's Custard which makes
wonderful trifle.
T. is off the the airport and we take the bus to 5th and

then up to 53rd and walk to Lexington. Behold- a wonderful

park that I didn't know about. Paley Park, a privately

owned park in the middle of Manhattan built on the former site of the Stork Club.

Waterfalls, food

tables and more waterfalls. We had just eaten or we

would have had lunch there. That didn't stop us from

munching "many" of the samples that the cute little gal

from next door was handing out.

Then up to the Cloisters for a great medieval afternoon.

Not a bad step day---14,463

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