Tuesday, June 30, 2009


T. got a phone call this morning that a good friend has passed away
so she has made arrangements to return home tomorrow.
We headed for Bryant Park to eat lunch and listen to Diana W. on the Piano

Such a great New York photo but I'm never standing in line for 4 hours
to go to the top again. Take "Top of the Rock" anytime.

Bryant Library-- beautiful.

Folk Art Museum for the Quilters in the group and the exhibit
by the demented janitor from Chicago hadn't improved any since
last week.
Morgan Library next for K. & T. who hadn't seen the library and
then first aid to a cute little retired "Upper East Side retired Dr." who
we were hoping would ask our names and remember us in his will.
Walked to 5th Avenue and caught the bus to 14th street and then
discovered the bus to Abington Sq. which drops us off at the apartment.
This New York soul almost made us miss our bus.

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