Friday, November 28, 2008


Forty two years ago while walking down Larimer Street in Denver during the Christmas Season we happened upon a wonderful Christmas Ornament Store. We wanted to start the tradition of buying our children an ornament each year and then give the collection to them the first Christmas they were married so they would have ornaments for their tree. At that time we had two children and ended up having six. We are still giving ornaments and also give to the grandchildren. If possible the ornament commemorates something that happened to them in the past year

This is not the original but identical to the 1st one we bought our daughter that day. I found this one at a garage sale a few years ago and it reminds me each year anew of how a fun tradition started.

Our dog chewed this one.

Love my New York Ornaments
Talked my Mom out of one of the vintage ornaments off her tree. It's over 60 years old

The year we were blessed with Twin Grandchildren

Blown Glass from Venice-- never thought we would travel there.
It's always great to add a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament to the tree.
We will add 2 this year

We have delicate porcelain hand prints of Grandchildren

Favorite Sports Team Ornaments

Special Places

Favorite Movies - look'n a little washed out there Scarlett

Hand painted ones from good friends
But I think my favorites are the ones our children and grandchildren have
made and given to us when they were young.

Our Youngest Son and his Beautiful Bride bought their first Christmas Tree today

and ask if they could come up and get their ornaments.
Theirs was the last box to be given---
We love them all so much,
and Yes, I cried a little.


Ruthie said...

What a sweet post. I would have cried too. But that is a great tradition!!
So nice you came to visit. Yes, we do have much in common. Stop by again. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Anonymous said...

I began the same tradition for the first Christmas of each of my three children. None have married yet, so our tree is pretty crowded.
This was a lovely, beginning of the season post! We are going to get our tree today, and I can't wait to unwrap all of the treasures. The hard part is having to wrap them all to put them away!!
Happy Holidays!

Jan said...

We did something comparable. Now, each Christmas, their favorite gift, the one they look forward to, is their new ornament. I'm always amazed at that.

Pat said...

I have the same tradition of buying ornaments for my children every year and I always look for ones when I travel too. It's so nice to put them on the tree as each has a special memory.
Congratulations on the upcoming arrival for two more grandchildren! You are very blessed.
Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...
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