Sunday, November 30, 2008


DH doesn't complain about much but the fact that my explanations of directions baffles him is an ongoing problem. I grew up in a farm house that faced direct West. Our farm was Up the road. That was self explanatory. To arrive there you would exit our driveway- go Down (west) the hill and turn right/north. Hence, Up was North and Down was West or South- depending. I don't believe in my entire 20 years before I married did I ever use the term "Turn Right" or Turn Left". More extraordinare was the fact that nobody I knew ever used "right" or "left" either. Not just my family, I mean the whole town.

This wasn't a problem in our early years because we didn't have money to go anywhere but when we started traveling one of us had to make some adjustments. He would drive and I would navigate. In my defense, I'm a very good navigator. Once I know which way is North I rarely get turned around. But the "turn up" meaning turn right, and the "turn down" meaning turn left became a problem. We decided that I must get with the program so now when giving driving directions I try really hard to remember "turn left at the second stop sign" and, well you get the picture. Occasionally when I lapse and throw in a left when I mean right he will say "Do you mean the other left".
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Dana and Daisy said...

add descriptors like: over there, yonder, and over the next holler, and you have a real baffling situation on your hands! lol!

Tamara Jansen said...

Funny, funny, funney :)