Saturday, October 11, 2008


To the airport at 5:30 to get guests to airport. On the way home we stopped at the Brooklyn Flea Market and had a bagel and juice at a fun deli while we waited for it to open.

Wendell saw a porcelain flange sign that he wants to contact the owner about and I picked up a packet of beautiful vintage photo's. I can't imagine how such wonderful photo's ended up in a flea market.If anyone recognizes them please leave a comment and I'll make sure they get back to you.
Dates on the back are 1929 and 1931 and "Graves Studio, Chadron, Neb" is printed on the back of two of the photos.

I had never been to Prospect Park so we walked through it and over to the Botanical Gardens.

Feet killing me--


PAT said...

I've truly enjoyed catching up with you this morning. All wonderful posts.

It is sad to find photos in shops and wonder who the families were. When we were antique browsing, at the lake, I found scrapbooks from the 1930's. They were in ledgers. The pictures were from magazines and some were flower seed packets. It made me wonder about the girl who made them. Which made me remember the paste we used to make from flower and water, to make our scrapbooks, as children.

I love the Obama-McCain photo.

PAT said...

OOPS! Make that flour and water, not flower and water!

Pat said...

YAY Brooklyn!!! Glad you hopped over to my side of the bridge!