Thursday, October 9, 2008


Started the day with Circle Line Cruise. Hoped to see the Waterfalls but they are running
limited hours because evidently the spray is harming trees, shrubs and grass on the shore.

Next- Lunch at Grand Central--one of my favorite places.

I don't remember seeing this great old Taxi stand before.

I love the Top of the Rock. Years ago vowed never to wait in line 4 hours at the Empire State Building again. Only down side is you don't get a clear view of the Chrysler Building.

Canal Street and up Mulberry to the St. Gennaro Festival. Smelled so good.

The crew from Crumpler Bags on 8th street having a picnic in the street. They were
giving away free goodies.

Dinner at the mexican food restaurant on 12 & Washington.


Pat said...

Sorry you missed the waterfalls! I have a lot of photos of them in my blog in my lower Manhattan posts. The time has almost come where they'll be dismantled.

I missed the San Gennaro feast this year!

Enjoyed your looking at your trip --it's always good to see NYC through other's eyes.

Big BAD Benny said...

nice crumpler picnic pic - may I please blog that? Cheers, BBB)))