Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It's good to have Internet access again. We were 3 days without the computer while we moved to our cabin for the summer. GH got the computer up and running today while I planted the flower pots. Took us 9 1/2 hours drive time on Sunday.

Desert, Desert, and more Desert

Long, long, long road---we might be getting too old for this.

The Yampa River running very full

The Colorado is out of it's banks and all over the place

Monday was spent unpacking, grocery shopping and the most important- picking up 6 flats of pansys. Beautiful yesterday, windy, cool and rain today and it's suppose to snow tomorrow. Get the runners of plastic out for the plants.
I'm really looking forward to introducing all of you to the beautiful place that our family
has loved for 35 years.


ChrisB said...

I don't think I would fancy driving for that length of time! On second thoughts I guess it's better than sitting in a plane and I do that when I go to see my daughter in San Francisco.
Looking forward to seeing more :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi!! Oh I bet there is some flooding...my sister lives on the western slope. And she'd call me about all the heavy snows there this past winter. So, it's not surprising at all.

I lived for 40+ years on the eastern slope, just north of Denver in the foothills.

PAT said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your place!! It sounds wonderful!


Dana Jones said...

I would have to haul my paints and canvases with me there! There is no wonder once you visit our deserts that so many of our American artists settle there.

I hope you are safe from any floods. I suppose much of your water is coming from our abundance of rain in the midwest?

Enjoy your summer! Looking forward to seeing your place on your blog.

Moi said...

We've had three days of sunshine in the last three weeks. But at least we haven't had snow - and there's little to no chance of any coming soon!

I look forward to the photos of your summer place:)!

Pat said...

My son lives in Denver, Co so I'm curious as to where your cabin is. I love Colorado and would move there in a moment but have an elderly Mom I help, and who would never move.

Colorado had so much snow this winter so I imagine their drought is finally over!

Hugs, Pat

karisma said...

Oh it looks just lovely! Enjoy your stay!