Thursday, June 5, 2008


When we bought our mountain property in 1972 it had a tiny three room "dry" cabin circa 1900 on the lot. We had three small children and for two summers had fun playing house in it before we had it moved to a better spot and started the major additions and renovations. But the original cabin had two beautiful stoves in it. We used the small woodstove for cooking and heat. Cooking with wood is not as easy as one might think but we managed to keep everyone
fed. It now has a place of honor in our family room.

The second stove is an old "Heatalator" wood burner that we kept as part of the rebuilt cabin and still use on chilly mornings.
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Cheryl said...

Both lovely in totally different good to keep things that have meaning.

LOUISE said...

These are two great stoves. I am so glad they have survived. x

Ming the Merciless said...

I can only imagine the work it took to cook a meal on a wood burning stove. It's not like there is a switch to turn it on or off, or to maintain and control the heat.

Love the 'heatalator'. Saw it in the movies and thought it is pretty nifty.