Sunday, May 18, 2008


I had just posted my post about the Southern Reading Challenge when I checked my comments on my previous post and I had been tagged by Wendy in a "meme" (somebody tell me what that means. I'm still kinda new at this blogging thing.) Anyway it was a "book" tag. Here goes.

1. Pick up in the nearest book set in a foreign country. Passionate Nomad - The life of Freya Stark by Jane Fletcher Geniesse (Great Book, this woman was incredible).

2. Open to page 123. Done

3. Find the 5th sentence. Done

4. Post the next 3 sentences. "Unfortunately it was mid-July, and an all too literal sun roasted the city. People rose in the middle of the night to do their work in order to avoid the stifling daytime hours. Soon a typhoid epidemic broke out, and Captain Holt rushed to organize a quarantine.,"

5. Tag 5 people and acknowledge who tagged you.

1. I tag Andi because she is my muse/mentor/tech helper and she has a great and so funny blog.
And she looks so flipp'n good in her grandmothers mink coat.

2. I tag Rue because she always has an entertaining post and you get music with it. (I don't know how to do that yet)-- got to ask either Rue or Andi.

3. I tag Pat because I always look forward to her comments and beautiful pictures. She is a perfect Southern Lady. I love her Photo at the top of her Blog (I know, I know it's got a proper name, I just can't remember it now.) I would love a porch like that. I remembered--its called a Masthead--

4. I tag Annie because she not only has a beautiful blog but is one of the most together ladies I have ever not met. Does that make sense.

5. Last but not least Bonnie because I love her posts and comments and she has talent overload.

These 5 ladies have all been very gracious and nice to me since I took up this insane hobby.


PAT said...

Judy, thank you!

I'll take up your challenge in a day or two. It will be fun!


raidergirl3 said...

I always think that memes are all about me! me!

Rue said...

Awwww... thank you Judy. You are so sweet :) I wonder if it has to be a book set in a foreign country???? I'll think of something.

Oh... to get music go to my blog and on that music thingie and click on the left hand bottom corner. It will take you to a place to make your own play list. It's free too :) Then you go to customize on your blog. Go to add a link. then click on the html link thing and add it there. I hope that makes sense.

rue :)

Grand Life said...

Rue- thanks so much for the music help. This will give me something to work on with my blog. I'll try it later in the day as I'm headed out to work in the garden before it gets too hot. Thanks for sharing- have a great day.