Sunday, March 30, 2008


Took me 5 hours to graze through a great Sunday Times today. Each week I read the sections in the same order usually saving the best for last. Todays favorites were:

2. A whole section on the two new baseball stadiums going in. Very interesting. My 90 year old mother-in-law is very happy now that baseball season has started. She can quote amazing stats for the sport. Leaves a real void in her life when the season is over.
3. "Edison...Was't he the Guy who invented everything?"
4. "Recalling the Madness-- Viagra 10 years ago."
5. "Did your Shopping List Kill a Songbird?" Pesticides and fruit coming from South America
year round. Everyone will be going to the neighborhood Farmer's Market.
6. Modern Love was fun-- "How We Got From Grief to Pancakes".
7. "Brooklyn and the East Bay: Sisters in Idiosyncrasy"
8. "Gatekeepers to the Art World"
9. "Why Blog? Reason No. 92: Book Deal" Had some good links in it.
10. "Serving Platters of Minced Politician" Very good-- although I'll bet she wonders where
she'd be if she hadn't got her feelings hurt. Hope to see her performance next trip.
11. Deborah Soloman's interview of Paul O'Neill-- very good
12. "Lost and Found" Online Auction and Antique sites are changing theobsessive
collecting. Good links
13. Excellent article on "Dream for Darfur". Read it slowly and then went over it to make sure I
hadn't missed anything. Alot there I didn't know about China and the Olympics.
14. Karachi's Winter Days by Sehba Sarwar. Trip to Pakistan-- scary.
15. Greek Revival-- Good article by Eleni N. Gage. Good to see a daughter follow in her Dad's
16. "Weekend in New York" listed the Flea Markets. Will be filing this one for next trip with hubby.
17. Essay by Rachel Donadio "It's Not You, It's Your Books"
and my "Need to Read" list grew by 4 books from the reviews.

Amy Sacco answered the "Travel Questions" and I decided I would too.

1. Is there a tourist trap that you actually love? I don't consider it a T.T. but I love Grand Central Terminal-- on the other hand I detest Time's Square.
2. Carry-on or Check? Depends on length of trip but I'm beginning to prefer check. I've been known to go over the weekend to Denver with nothing but my purse.
3. Which living person that you don't know would you most like to travel with? Richard Branson
4. First class next to a crying baby or coach in total silence? First Class- I used to carry a zip-lock bag with children's toys to give out just for this purpose.
5. What's the craziest thing you've eaten? Craziest named thing was "spotted Dick". It was a muffin with dates in it. I make it a habit to always order something I haven't a clue about when I'm in Europe. Sometimes I have the waiter choose for me.
6. Cutest Hotel Staff?-- Don't use hotels-- Home Exchanges are the only way to go. The exchange in Holland had really cute neighbors.
7. While traveling, my status has gotten me.....My status got me zip but our two daughters employment with Delta got us First Class over the pond every time. Actually got me 1st class- hubby took coach twice when there was only 1 seat left. Non-rev. rules.
8. When your final day arrives, in which hotel would you like to die?-- Our cabin in Colorado.

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andi said...

That is a serious list! Have you considered going back to school? What would you get a master's degree in if you could choose anything?