Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My Aunt is the closest thing I ever had to a big sister. I usually stop and see her each week when I visit my Mom. Last week she told me she couldn't find a copy of her wedding picture. I found my copy and will drop her off a duplicate next week when I visit.

I love this picture-- my cousin and I were the Jr. Bride and Groom. They had to chase him around the reception hall because he didn't want "no flower pinned on him. Only girls wear flowers". Little did I know that many years later the pretty blond girl on the left would become my best friend through jr. and sr. high school. The 3 cute little girls are all well-- my cute cousin left us way too soon.


Jan said...

What a grand picture. Thanks for sharing the memories. I love old wedding photos

Gramma Ann said...

I was just sneakin' a peek. Saw your comment on PDP. Will visit another time, and look your blog over in detail. In the meantime, have a fun day;)

Gramma Ann said...

Hi again, You are welcome to visit my blogs anytime you like;)

PAT said...

That's a wonderful wedding photo!

I receive the New York Times via e-mail. I subscribed for the book reviews, but get the entire thing and enjoy it!

I saw your mention of penny candy a few posts ago. must be from around my era!!

Hope you return to the back porch often.

Katherines Dream said...

A beautiful picture Judy.
Your story of the little boy reminded sister is 16 years older than me. She was like a mother to me. On her wedding day I was so upset she was leaving me. I was miserable all day. Coming out of the church everyone was asked to throw the confetti for the photographer....I chucked the box of confetti, not bothering to take take the confetti out first! it hit my sister on the head....that is how much I was upset she was going to leave me!! it makes us both giggle now...thankfully.

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Hi, i love weddings and wedding photos, especially old ones - thanks for sharing, it's beautiful :)

andi said...

Sounds like there is more to the story. I want post on each person in the picture.

(p.s. Judy, you have 7 comments on this post. Brava, Brava! What would it take for one of your kids to actually leave a little note. My kids don't leave comments either -- but they are 3 and 5.)

My Chutney Garden said...

Love this picture! With the mini bride and groom. So glad that I found your blog. Will be back to visit.