Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Good cousin Becky and husband Jack visited us our last weekend. Saturday we took them to the Rancho Guajome State Park which has become one of our favorite new places. We did the tour and when we were getting ready to leave we ask the park guide what all the shooting and cannon? fire was across the river. He said something about a Civil War Re-enactment. We hustled right over there and caught the last 20 minutes of the final battle of the day. They have them the first weekend of the month and it was great.

This is a serious time warp with the million dollar houses on the ridge above the battle.

The Confederates had the Union on the dead run at one point but in the end the Union prevailed. I ask a guide how the "dead soldiers"knew when to die, and he said "When they run out of ammunition". Boys under 14 can't carry a gun but can be "pickle boys". These boys would carry water and pickles to the soldiers. The pickles were a way to replace the salt they lost in the fighting.



Could have done without this one


We spoke with this nice lady for quite a while and told her she looked like a very proper Southern lady. She
informed us that actually she was a Northern maiden. Whoops

A great Abe Lincoln impersonator recited the "Gettysburg Address" to the crowd on the bleachers after the battle. He told how Lincoln had most of it written except for the closing line. He walked from his rooming house to the cemetery to pray and came upon a mother looking for the grave of her son. They spoke briefly and then he went back to his room and completed his speech.

Jack was very interested because he participates in the Pony Express Commemmorative Ride every year. One of his grandfathers was an original Pony Express Rider.

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