Friday, October 12, 2007

This blogging is harder than it looks. You actually have to keep at it or it's just another thing that doesn't get done.

September was great. Wendell and I went to New York for a week and then he came back to Utah for a week and Alice and Glenna flew back.

I'm a little obsessive about New York. If we win the lottery we'll have an apartment in my friend Judi's apartment house. What a great location. Greenwich Village. I feel about 19 when i'm there. My friends are very patient with my obsession and I can usually talk one or two (sometimes 3( of them into going with me. We exchange our cabin in Grand Lake for an apartment in New York. We have been lucky to find a great gal Judi-(all Judi'/Judy's) are great people. O.K. I knew one in high school that wasn't so great. Anyway Judi loves Grand Lake and wants to return there many time in the future.

Anyway I am on the alert all year for new and interesting things to do there. This year it was the street fair on 79th, the Delecorte and Jill Sobel, Morgan Library, shopping for Kate Spade knockoffs behind a hidden door on Canal Street and then being chased from the store when I took pictures. Museum of the City of New York, Ukraine Institute(old Harry Sinclair Mansion on 5th ave.) then around the corner to the French Embassy where the main staircase is that they filmed Scarlett on for Gone With The Wind. It actually doesn't look like the staircase but the guard said it was. The guard laughed at me when I ask about the staircase because he said most people came to look at the Michelangelo statue right behind us. Used to be the old Payne-Whitney mansion. The small 5 story in-between the Ukraine and French building is the last remaining private residence on 5th Ave. Trust me. I do my research on this stuff. Top of the Rock for lunch one day (10 times better than the Empire State Building) and then you squeeze in about 10 walks in Central Park. Preferably in the Ramble. Took the double decker bus tour this year. We don't usually do touristy things but this was actually pretty cool. The guide we had on the last tour was a hoot. I can now tell you which 14 room apartment in the Dakota is Yoko Ono's.

Walked the length of Bleeker St. The West Village is so much better than SoHo.

Took Wendell to the Jon Stewart Show one night. Terri got us VIP tickets again but the seats had us looking at Jodi Fosters back during the guest interview. Man, is she tiny. The Naked Cowboy in Times Square is always good and I found Stiffen Court finally. It's on 36th between 3 & Lexington and is now EXPENSIVE private homes but used to be the stable's for the horses used by the very rich in the late 1800's and early turn of the century. Got into the "Betty Comden" tribute and the rehearsal for the New York Philharmonic. YoYo Ma was the guest artist. So good. Anyway we had a great time and Judi bonded seriously with Grand Lake. She picked wild mushrooms with the chef from Carolines and was invited into the insider's book club and the postmistress invited her to return this winter for a vacation and offered to let her stay with her.

We are back in Utah until January 15th. Closed up the cabin, gave it a blessing to protect it from a forest fire and headed home the end of September.

Spend 1 or 2 days a week with my Mom and get to see the Grandkids and kids as often as we can.

Steve and Dena are in Seattle this week. He presented a paper at a Dr's convention on a procedure he had perfected. He's hoping to get into PA school next summer.

Tim left today for Moab to take part in a 24 hour relay bike race. We will watch his progress on the website tomorrow. Abby is still scoring winning goals for her soccar team and Matt can beat anybody at computer games.
Baylee is in soccer and Jackson is breaking all the little girls hearts.
Allison had a little boy at school ask her for her phone number so she gave him a made up one. How does a kindergartener know how to do that.
Everybody is busy with kids in school and we are getting ready for the Family Halloween Party. There is something seriously wrong with a 64 year old Grandma that decorates as much for Halloween as she does for Christmas.

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andi said...

Yippee!!! I LOVE this post. Welcome to the jungle, Judy.