Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ran into Andi in the library this afternoon and we were looking at her Blog and she said "go for it". So here goes.
We are just getting ready to head for Manhattan for two weeks. How is it possible to love two such opposite places as Grand Lake and Manhattan.
We had a great summer here and looking back, even the skunk had it's advantages. We got new wallpaper and carpet in the bathroom.

Voglers and Lloyds visited this year. Steve and Dena celebrated her first
visit to the cabin. She was a real trooper as the bathroom was still under our renewal efforts. We appreciated all the help everyone gave us with the skunk problem.
Kandice and Mike left yesterday and we had a great time with them. Kandice rode to the visitors center on top in exactly 1 1/2 hours and we spent an afternoon at the old ghost town in the park.

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