Saturday, September 10, 2011


Grandson of Ted James Sr. of the Grand Lake Lodge

Patience Kemp grew up in Grand Lake.  Thanks to her we have the Historical Society.

Portraying Mrs. Ish

Beautiful fence around family plot.

Dave is so cool and it's so fun to hear him tell historical stories.

Judge Wescott-- 1st white man to spend a winter in Grand Lake.  This grave
was probably moved 2-3 times so lets hope he's really here.

Katie does a great Mrs. Kauffman.

Unknown Baby..................

Portraying Mrs. Pettingill. 

Our wonderful neighbors when we bought our property.  Still have furniture that they gave us.

P.G. Smith.    Father of Gracie Eslick    of Eslick Cottages

This is what I'll have to do since Dad won't bury me here because "it;s too cold".

Matilda was old enough someone should have known her last name.

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