Sunday, April 17, 2011


O.K.-- it's been 9 month and 40 pounds and my daughter 's are right!

It's time to shop for new jeans.

Hate to shop.

Wight House Shop having sale-- try on size 10 ---They Fit!!! Holy Cow--

look at price $100.00 --

are they out of their mind.

Nobody pays $100. for a pair of jeans. Go to major Thrift Store and buy 5 pairs of jeans at $5 -$6 a piece. Good buy, but they don't look like the one at the Wight House. All the time I'm thinking how cool it would be if I could

get into a brand that one of my daughters used to wear.

One daughter had a thing for Girbaud, another had a pair

of Lucky Jeans.

Neither seemed exactly up my alley. Go back to Wight House and hand over the American Express for a

great pair of expensive jeans and then I look at the tag------

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