Sunday, January 9, 2011


Our children like sports. O.K. maybe "sports" is a lite explanation.
Extreme sports is more like it.
Our son is not the skier in the photo but he did finish this race and
at one point, he was in this very spot.
Please, just give me strength.
The same time he is doing this I am sitting in a class to
get a concealed weapons permit so I can hike in the mountains of
Colorado in the summer alone. The bears don't bother me but
we're beginning to have a mountain lion problem.
Anyway, the instructor was a Glenn Beck/Bill O'Reilly wana-be ex-police officer/military
and after 4 hours of this, I had only been home 10 minutes when
I made a dash for the bathroom and threw-up.
We do extreme sports a little differently.

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