Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hiked back to the "right" location of the old Phantom Guest Ranch.
So much history in this valley.

Squeaky Bob and his wife

Original ranch house was on this Park trail next to the Colorado River.

Original entrance to Ranch. Comes down from Trail Ridge Road.
You can still see the entrance on the upper road if you know where to look.

Hiked up about 3 more miles and this girl and her boyfriend blew past us
going uphill. Youth is so good.

Phantom Ranch Meadow looking North to South

About 200 feet south of the entrance to the meadow are the remnant's of
the old root cellar. You could see small pieces of the lumber that was
used for the roof and a couple of large rusted tin cans. It was a huge
storage area but then they did a large business in the summer and
lived there through the winter.
This fella was right along side the highway on
the way home. His harem was on both sides of the road.
We counted about 14 cows. He was bellowing like crazy trying
to get them all together. I'm in the car and he was this close to the road.

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