Monday, August 30, 2010


Juniper Library has a great Adult Summer Reading Program.
In a moment of "?" I decided I'd go for a black-out and read
every category. Mind you we had children and grandchildren coming 5 weeks and I made 2 trips back to Utah for miscellaneous so I had limited time for this endeavour. I didn't get the blackout but I only missed 4 category's. To qualify you only had to finish 5 books in Bingo fashion and I read 21.
My favorites were:
"To Kill a Mocking Bird" --- I know, it's embarrassing to admit I had never read it before but it instantly became my all time favorite book. Reading this one book "forced" me to buy 4 other books related to it. It's the 50th anniversary after all.
"Mountain of Crumbs" by Gorokhova. Incredible story of growing up in Russia.
"I Hope You Have A Good Life " by Campbell Armstrong. A memoir of 1961, loss and love and redemption.
"House on the River" by Rapoport. A sentimental journey to a location of a multi-generational cabin.
Least favorite:
"Imperfect Birds" Anne Lamott-- usually I love anything she writes but this was slow and painful.
"Lost Property" by Sonnenberg. I read this because the author just passed away and he lived in New York and the book was mentioned in his obituary. It was self-centered and boring. Lucky I just paid a couple of $ for it on Amazon.
Just plain PAINFUL was the Romance Novel
"Sunset in St. Tropaz". I chose the thinnest book on the shelf and still could barely get through it.
The good news is that when they put all the entries in a hat and then drew out the winner -------I Won. $25.00 in cash that I blew on myself at the Quilt Store.

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Jan said...

Whoot. That's what I would have done with the winnings, too. So nice to have you back blogging.