Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hey- I'm lucky I can remember where I live.


Abby-- Young Womens Award at 14 when she has until she's 18 to accomplish it. She also had 10 spare minutes a week in her life so she started a book club.

Noah turned two and we used the same cake mold as his Dad's 5th birthday.

A visit to the Dino Museum at Thanksgiving Point was fun and

And provided a valuable lesson in patience-- ie:

"If you have the patience to wait, everyone else will get

hungry and go home, and you can have the whole sheebang to
yourself" Yea!!!

Haircuts from CookieCutters are very G.Q.

and Worms are Great..............

Grandparents Day was a blast- thanks for the great time J.

And Miss Heather is Get'n Married

Told you the food was good.

And once again Abby proves she is faster than 99.99% of the

5000 + people that enter the Salt Lake Classic 5K by winning

her age division ---again.

Also 2 Baptisms, Easter, and numerous Birthday's. Where
does our family get their energy. Love you all!!!

Almost forgot Grandma's sewer repair which took 5 days
and added 10 years to my life. This is just one of the hole's.

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Jan said...

Wow, now I know. Your memory is great, thanks for sharing.