Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Can this be a true story??

"Then the party moved to a country club in West Paterson, N.J., with 560 guests. An admiring friend brought up a short story the bride had written in which a woman showers in cold water as her fiance' shaves, so she won't steam up the mirror. When ask if the detail was autobiographical, the bride lowered her voice and said with a Mona Lisa Smile, "It's something she does that he doesn't know she does for him". The bridegroom looked at her in amazement: "My mirror isn't
steamy, " he said."

O.K., I get the "I'm really in LOVE" part but "A COLD SHOWER".

Reminds me of a beautiful ex-beauty pageant queen that worked at the desk next to mine in 1964. She was drop dead beautiful and at lunch one day told us that she always went to bed in full hair-do and make-up. She would wait until he went to sleep and then get up and roller the hair and take her make-up off. She got up 1 hour before him to do the reverse procedure.

Her marriage lasted 2 years. You do the math.

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