Monday, August 3, 2009


Happy Birthday to the best Dad in the whole world--in my opinion.

It's weeks like this that I really wish you were still here.

I need a good sit-down and talking to.
Fortunately I knew you and loved you long enough to know what you would say.

1. It's not worth causing feelings over.

2. It's people that matter, not things.
3. You had it for 35 years and maybe it's time to share.

4. Maybe they had a good reason.

5. Look on the bright side.

On the other hand I know what you went through to hang onto the 6th generation family farm for your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.
So maybe you would understand what we're going through ...

you would be right about one more thing-

It's not as bad as the "Summer of the Skunk".

But truly you are a good, good person because you would not have posted

more photo's of the hole in the ground next door.

Excuse us--would you like us to move our cabin so your circular driveway won't come
quite so close to that tree.

You may have a good contractor and you may own your own business and be really
smart but even I know that if you sink a basement lower than the lake 20 feet away
that you may have a small water problem. Duh. The soil is already seeping. Good luck.

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